Virginia Adventures VI - The Waiting, Part II



We've had showings, but apparently our property is not what the buyers are looking for: either there's not enough room for their RV, or they don't like the finishes in the house (like, the baseboards, the cabinets, etc). 

We've talked to a cash buyer, but their offer is SO low, like $150,000 lower than our agent says the property should go for, that we can't in good conscience accept it.

We talked to the folks out in Virginia, and they need to make some choices as well. If this is going to take a while, they're maintaining two properties: one in Virginia, one in Florida. They're willing to be patient, but they're going to need to make some changes.

One of the changes is to the equipment that we were getting with the Virginia property. The excavator will probably be sold if we don't get a good offer by next Wednesday.  The RTV (a little farm cart thing) will probably also be sold. Neither of these are great losses from my POV, but it will make things a little harder in the long run. The RTV can be replaced with a 4 wheeler and a trailer, or perhaps we can get one later. The excavator... well, that one was big for my needs, but it'll be a while before we get one.  And if we get one, it will be smaller.

Please spread the word far and wide, if you read this. The more eyes that see it, the more chance that someone who's dream is a little farm in Oregon will see it.


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