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7 Sermons: Sermo I

I've been wanting to write something, but have been lacking for inspiration.  I want to publish something every Thursday. Thus, I go back to what got me started in the first place.  These will be my meditations on the Seven sermons to the Dead .  To me, these writings are the most accessible gnostic writings out there.  Of course, they're also the most complete, and are translated from a fairly modern language.  First Sermon, Paragraphs 1-7: The dead came back from Jerusalem, where they found not what they sought. They prayed me let them in and besought my word, and thus I began my teaching. Harken: I begin with nothingness. Nothingness is the same as fullness. In infinity full is no better than empty. Nothingness is both empty and full. As well might ye say anything else of nothingness, as for instance, white is it, or black, or again, it is not, or it is. A thing that is infinite and eternal hath no qualities, since it hath all qualities. This nothingness or fulln