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Fire Wand & Golden Dawn

I have completed the construction of my fire wand, finally. I'll be consecrating it this weekend/next week, either on Sunday or Tuesday. Haven't decided which day is more auspicious, yet. I'm about to start taking Golden Dawn degrees (about = sometime this year I get my 0=0). I've gotten on a GD forum, and they're perplexed that I've started with my weapons already. I'm simply working on them as the HGA directs. Edit: Had it explained to me by a member of the forum. These are supposed to be adept's (5=6) tools, so making them early is jumping the gun a bit. I'll simply have to make others/reconsecrate them when that time comes. The Abremelin working is going well. I agree with Steven Guth that the working should take longer than not. The purification process is intensifying. I've moved from simple prayers morning and evening to an Invocation of the Archangels, Pater Noster, Heschayist practice, Pater Noster, Dismissal. I'm actu