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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In esoteric updates: Writing a paper on Christology, playing with my voices of the saints playing cards, and thinking about what Jason Miller and +John Mabry said about being paid for your services and how to offer them.


I'm beginning to understand why esoteric aims are undertaken in silence. Most of the people out there are not sympathetic towards the aims of the esotericist. That's simply the way it is. Also, participation in internet forums is a drain on your energy. At least, on my energy. Sigh. I've met some very knowledgeable and informative people. I've also met some obstinate curmudgeons. Sometimes in the same people. Ah well. I'm in the final 6 months of Abremelin anyway. Perhaps I need to withdraw more.

Voicemail Option

I've just put a google voice option over on the right hand side of my blog. You need to enter your phone number for it to work, but it's sort of an interesting little gadget. I'd love to have any of the people following call this blog and just say hi, just so I can see what you sound like. I'll make a real post here shortly.