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Updates & Speaking videos

Lately, the real world has kept me very busy, and I have not been documenting it. So, let's document some stuff.  1) Portland and environs:  I love Portland. It's quirky and weird and filled with lovely people. However, I don't like living there. The spaces are too small, and the fact that I've had 4-5 things stolen that I had great affection for, made me want to move. I'm basically a small town boy who likes being near a larger city.  I'm now setting up in the little nearby town of Newberg with my new girlfriend, Paddy. She has three kids which I'm helping out with, and it's a lot of fun.  This fall, I hope to open a branch of the Hermetic Society in Newberg, at the Masonic Lodge there. 2) I've been doing a bit of speaking, both online and in person. I try to give one talk a semester to the Hermetics Society, I've spoken for Esoterika lodge for their lecture series, and of course I speak at the Johannite Conclaves and TalkGnosis has be