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I'm in New Orleans

Blogging will be spotty. We're going to help out a brother who runs a food pantry. I'll post on here what I see. So far, it hasn't been too bad. Metairie seems to have escaped fairly unscathed, at least the parts along Airline Highway. Today, I get out a bit more. I'll update you later. The main thing is there's definitely a worker shortage. They're oftern an extra 6000 a year to work at Burger king! Hiring bonuses for McDonalds, the grocery store, etc.

A continuum

I've been discussing with some folks the process of knowing (for lack of a better term), and thought I'd post the results so far here. Information -> Knowledge -> Understanding -> Wisdom external-> internal -> integration -> correct application Information is knowledge transmitted: Discreet facts and such. Knowledge is information internalized. It is not the facts themselves, but the containment of the facts within an individual. It is also not necessarily understanding. Rote Memorization could come under the definition of knowledge, where the information is grasped but not understood. Simple knowledge is exemplified by memory work. Being able to memorize a lecture gives me knowledge of the words. If you ask me what follows a particular phrase, I can answer the question. Knowledge is "what." Daath. Understanding is more difficult, and no simple exercise exists for it. Understanding is hard work and it requires thought, not

The mood

I've been in a weird mood the past couple of days. I've been very into sort of a coyote thing. It's hard to explain. I've taken a bit of delight in simply screwing with stuff. Not maliciously, but definitely breaking world views, especially my own. Very odd.

The Year of Blake

Starting the week of Jan 1, I'll try to post once a week about William Blake, the great Gnostic Poet and unoffical Saint. Not sure where this will go, but it sounds like fun to me.