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Aurora & Oak Creek

In the wake of the shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, I made plans to get my concealed carry license (CCL) and start carrying a gun.  It's surprisingly easy in Oregon to receive one, and I have all the documentation.  I'd have to go get a handgun, but that's easy to do. This is not necessarily out of character for me.  I was raised in the country in Wisconsin.  I've been hunting much of my life, can sight in a rifle, have shot a handgun for sport, etc.  Part of me wants to get back into it, as I've let it slip over years of urban living.  A little target practice, a little feeling of security, know that If It All Goes To Hell® I've got the means of protection/hunting, etc. Then the Sikh shooting in Oak Creek happened, and it appears one of the Sikhs, a 65 year old fellow named Satwant Singh Kaleka (who's religious ethos does require the carrying of the Kirpan as a signal of honor, dignity, and being a saint soldier.  A defensive weapon for use

Mythology of Lovecraft

I've continued my speaking with a bit of rambling about the Mythology of Lovecraft. Other projects are in progress, keep your eyes peeled for updates!