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Back to Basics (LBRP:D4)

So, as far as routine practice goes, I've been slacking. My prayer schedule is shot. My magical practice is in the doldrums. Even my weekly practice has been curtailed, cut short, and generally moribund. Obviously, I haven't been writing either. I remember the heady days of Lent, when I posted every day. Not sure I want to do that again, but I could. So, to invigorate my practice again, I've started what I call the 40 days of LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram). I'm just going to practice one simple thing, every day. I'll take notes on it, but mostly I just want to do it. I'm on day four, and it's already having some effects. I am finding myself less tied to an 'altar' area, and more willing to just stand up and throw the pentagrams wherever I happen to be. That's a good thing, from my POV. Taking the magic out of the temple. Of course, I will do it IN the temple, too. Going back to basics is good.