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Star Above

I spent last night taking part in a ritual known as 'Star Above', created by my good friend Joseph Wolf. I took some stock of my year, and thought about the year going forward. The ritual takes a lot from ' Seven Sermons to the Dead ', the works which got me into Gnosticism in the first place, and from which the name of this blog is taken. That got me thinking a lot about the various paths, works, projects that I've started and set aside, unfinished. In the ritual, I played the part of Jupiter. I made sure to cast Abundance and Joy throughout the ritual. We can all use more abundance and joy. It made me reflect on my Jupiter work, how as the King of my Kingdom, I've been slacking a bit. But it's been a good slacking, a rest, a time of reflection, of regrouping, of planning and testing. The ritual itself will be available soon, in a lovely bound edition. It's a lot of fun, and a ritual group could have a great time, and possibly expose those who are not r