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I was having some random thoughts today about Israel. I've been studying a lot of angel names, and most if not all of them end in -el (אל).  That ending indicates 'of God' in most English translations.  So Gabriel (גבריאל) is the strength of God (where גבר or Gibor is Strength).  So, I go to thinking, what does Isra mean? The Hebrew for Israel is ישראל.  So dropping the -el, we get ישר, transliterated ISR and generally represented in Latin characters as yasher .  Yasher means Straight, or a smooth path. It also has connotations of moral uprightness.  So, using the construction above, ישראל means "a straight, smooth path to God" or "the righteous of God". ישר has a gemetric value of 510.  It's the same value as the name of Abram's wife Sarai in Genesis (שרי).  Is the same as the word for Song (שיר).  It's also got the same value as the word for Whale (תנין) which gives some interesting connotations for the story of Jonah. That's as f