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Someone today asked me these questions: Just why is Gnosis important? How is it useful? And why bother at all? It was a good set of questions? This is my answer. Gnosis is salvation. This knowledge of God, this acquaintance with the Divine is what saves us from a world of systems, archons, and basic bullsh!t . By knowing at a deep, experiential level, that we are all part of the divine and that we're all trapped here together, helps us in our day to day life (we know other folks can't help their failings, and cut them some slack. We also cut ourselves some). We can be healthier, happier, less stressed, less cruel. It saves us from ourselves. It saves us from the anti-life, anti-humanity, anti-virtue culture that we are surrounded with. As within, so without. When we must do something unpleasant, we try to do it in the way that is least hurtful. When we must do something good, we do so with the maximum amount of joy. We see in those the world considers least, the


My girlfriend has a food blog. As part of her expanding into the weird, wide world of internet food writing, she's encountered a lot of people. What I've been most surprised at is the number of people who are afraid of things relating to cooking. "I'm afraid of cardamon (or cumin, or saffron). I don't know how to use it, I've never used it." "I'm afraid of making my grandfather's recipe. What if I screw it up? What if I don't like it?" What's with the fear? It is food. Granted, some food can be dangerous to people with allergies, but most people realize that. These are relatively healthy people, dealing with ingredients that are uncommon in the U.S., but common just about everywhere else. And the fearing to make the grandfather's recipe boggles the mind. Why wouldn't you make it, and reconnect with your roots? Sorry, A break in the 'Luck' series to question it a bit. Are there simple things you fear