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Grooving with the Local Spirits

On Friday night, a bag was stolen from my girlfriend's new truck, along with her wallet. The bag had some fairly high priced items in it: A flip camera, an Android tablet, and my Cpap which I need to breathe at night. So that sucks.  Yesterday, I was sick, but looked up all sorts of return the property and punish the thieves kind of rituals. Then I went to bed when I couldn't get them to print, as I only had about 10% brain power. Today, they found my girlfriend's wallet, in the parking lot of a store about 10 blocks from where we were. So, I had so me time. I went to the store, got her wallet, and bought a beeswax candle. I went back out to my car, and made an offering of my energy and the candle to the spirits, in exchange for something that would help me with the loss of the bag: information, spotting it, etc. I then took the dog, and proceeded to walk up and down Burnside, asking folks if they'd seen my bag. I asked folks who spend time outside: Val

Holy Thursday 2012

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you." Today is Holy Thursday, the day in the Christian Tradition when Jesus had his Last Supper with his apostles. It's interesting that he chooses this day to give a commandment. Jesus, who has never really claimed any authority (only hinted), who only tells others what to do when they ask him to, suddenly starts giving commands. During a meal with Bread and wine. On a Thursday. For over a year, I've been studying the esoteric correspondences of Jupiter, marked as king of the Roman Gods, and the biggest planet in the solar system. Jupiter in Hebrew is צדק, Tzedek. It translates as Justice or Righteousness. It's also part of the name Melchizedek. Melchizedek can be translated as (my) King of Justice or Righteousness. He's the priest who met Abram, and blessed him with bread and wine. So today, Thursday, the day of Kingship, seems appropriate to celebrate not only the