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Material Possessions Suck

I don't mean just in the sense that they are not cool. I mean they actually provide suction. The suck you down, taking up your time, your money, your space, until you're crushed under the weight of falling newspapers one day when you're old. Take, for instance, me. For the past 2 weeks, I've been moving my physical possessions from one locale to another. TWO WEEKS, 1 carload and 1 cartload at a time. That's 12 carloads and cartloads of stuff (I took a couple days off). In that time, all I've had time to do is move stuff from one locale to another. In that time, I've had no time to consider the things I enjoy doing: Gnosticism. Hermeticism. Beer. Video games. Nothing. Just moving stuff, over and over and over. And as I've started unpacking, I'm coming to realize that some of the stuff is a) not useful anymore, b) hasn't been used in over 3 years, or c) simply inappropriate for our new locale. I'm beginning to understand why so

Less Tired, mostly moved

Well, the weekend was a huge moving success, thanks to S.B. and M.R. (you know who you are). B.P. also gave me a hand. Applause to them. Most of the large stuff is moved, and all that remains is the piddly things that get shoved in a box to be sorted later. Soon, we will resume gnosticky goodness.

So... Freaking... Tired

I almost think it would have been better to have to move all in one day. I've been stretching it out over a week, and doing one rather large load per night. It's exhausting. Tonight, I'm thinking of what I have to do, and going "you know, I'll just say screw it and wait until tomorrow". I may just do that. We'll see.

Why Churches should not be run as businesses.

Attendent: Hello, welcome to McGnosis! May I take your order. Seeker: Yes, just a moment, I want to look at the menu. Attendent: Can I interest you in the value package? That's Gnosis, a side order of Enlightenment, and a Baptism, all for 10% of your income. Seeker: Well, I'm not sure that works for me. Can I order a la Carte? Attendent: Of course. We just ask for a lighting fund surcharge, to keep the Enlightentment bulbs going. Seeker: That seems fair. Say, what makes you different from Gnosis King down the street? Attendent: We use 100% Apostolically Ordained Clergy, Candles made from Beeswax, and our sacraments are specifically approved by the McPatriarch! Seeker: I see. Attendent: If you sign a 2 year contract, you get weekly Eucharist, a free Gnostic Tractate containing the McNagHammadi Codexes and an Archonic Measurement, to colorfully display your progress. Seeker: Am I requried to get the St. Thomas shrine? I've never been into saints, reall