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The Year of the Warrior (LBRP:D11)

I've been reading The Year of the Warrior , which discusses the fallibility of humanity, the evil powers at work in the world, and the difficulty an Irish semi-priest has converting the heathen Norse to the White Christ. The main character is a priest with no ordination. He's taken in by a Christian Lord, and pretends he has the ordination. In the course, he has a leman (concubine), fights a walker-again (a revenant), a priest of the Old Gods, and comes to understand the intrinsic difference between the Christian God (whom he hates) and the heathen gods (whom he fears). "What I can't understand", said someone, "is, if our God is so much more powerful than the old gods, why do all wonders seem to come from their side?" A voice said, "Because a marvel is like a sword." Strangely, the voice was my own. "Or like torture. There is no answer to it. The Beloved prefers to woo."  Later, the priest has a vision of his old abbot. They t