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Magical Lodges

I've been reading "The Place of Mingled Powers: Spiritual Beings in the Magical Lodge" by John Michael Greer, and one of the parts that stood out to me was an offhand comment that the lodge system developed because Western Occultists, by and large, don't have dedicated spaces. This strikes me as a significant lack. If you look at the history of modern occultism (starting probably with the Renaissance, because earlier it would have been called something different), we see that it generally did not favor large groups, large workings, or have any societal support whatsoever. Those three facts alone sort of necessitate against having a large or permanent space. Mr. Greer also notes Occultism is, by and large, a part-time activity for most occultists. This is starting to change a bit, but for the most part, occultists have another profession or vocation, and occultism is sort of a side interest. This also does not lead one to having a permanent space. I know there ar