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I find myself struggling with a bit of anger towards a co-worker. This gentleman took the opportunity to denigrate my department in front of the CEO, knowing the CEO already had a bad opinion of the department. It was a base career move by a person I thought was a friend. I've written a letter to my co-worker, explaining my reaction, and the betrayal I feel. After writing the letter, I feel a large, empty feeling where the anger was, as if it had burned itself out, and left only ash. I haven't sent the letter yet, it seems as though the writing was catharsis enough. Anger is a strange thing. While it's happening, it feels good to feed it, make it burn higher and higher, until it reaches an almost irrational level. As I try to express it, it dies down, and leaves nothing in it's wake. I've always thought it was a dissonance between what I knew and reality, and perhaps that is true in this case, as well. What is it worth? Is it worth it to express this ange

It has come to my attention...

...That I don't post very much. I'm going to endeavor to change that. Once a week shouldn't be too hard. On Sunday, I was able to say Mass for my Mother-in-law. She said afterwards that she had such a sense of peace and relaxation, and that it was a very spiritual experience for her. I was glad, and had to tell my ego to settle down and go sit in the corner.

Paulo Coelho Blog

Please check out The Paulo Coelho Blog . Every time I read Mr. Coelho, I find something amazing and astonishing that I already knew. Like this: On one of the doors of the old wall hangs a lantern. Fathi comments that I am a well-known writer, whereas he is still struggling for recognition: “Here we have the origin of one of the most famous of Arab proverbs: “light only illuminates strangers.” I reply that Jesus made the same comment: no-one is a prophet in his own country. We always tend to lend value to what comes from afar, without ever recognizing all the beauty that is around us. Of course, we are fascinated by what is far away; we hold in contempt that which is near. We often find our own efforts to be too little, the efforts of others to be so much more. What can we do, who are so imperfect, to improve the world and spread the light? I think this is why Jesus says, in the Gospel of Thomas, "Be passersby." We need to look at what is in our life as a traveler w


I found the refrence I was looking for earlier, about AND vs. OR. It was here! Of course, you may not be able to see it, as it was on a forum. But you could join the forum, and then see it. I heartily recommend the Esoteric Freemasons Network and Forum. Lots of good stuff there.