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Maximizing your Luck opportunities

Ok, so there are four principles to having good luck manifest in your life. The first one is Maximizing your Luck Opportunities. What does this entail? Well, there are three basic parts to this: Build a strong "network of luck" Have a relaxed attitude toward life Enjoy new experiences So, what does this mean? Well, to build a strong 'network of luck', you have to go out, meet people, and be interested in them just for the sake of meeting people. Extroverts tend to be lucky. They meet a lot of people, they talk a lot, and when they meet people and talk to people who can help them, they manage to make the connections they need. The Relaxed attitude toward life means you're a) open to spur of the moment or new things, and b) not too wound up when things go wrong. You don't hold grudges, you're not neurotic about what people think about you or what the future holds. You roll with it. Go with the flow. You have a goal, but the route is open. Enjoyi

The Luck Factor

When most people think of luck, they think of either superstition, like a lucky rabbit's foot, or chance, like winning the lottery. When they think of influencing their luck, they think of rituals or superstitions. However, at least one psychologist in Britian took some time and studied the phenomenom, of why some people are lucky and why some are not. What he found was surprising. He found Four psychological principles (and several sub principles) that lucky people have in common: Maximize Your Chance Opportunities Listen to your Intuition (lucky hunches) Expect Good Fortune Turn your bad luck into Good I really want to explore these a little more, and see how I end up putting them to use in my own life. I feel I've generally had good luck, and I generally expect good fortune, so I've got some of this down. I'm going to work through the book and the exercises in it, and see what if my luck improves. What does this have to do with gnosticism or magic? Well, I

Thieves' Oil

"There has been much research proving that most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils, particularly oils high in phenols, caracrol, thymol, and terpenes. Just a .2 percent concentration of lemon oil and vinegar can kill Staph - even the antibiotic-resitent varieties. Eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, grapefruits seed extract, lemon and oregano essential oils kill MSRA and E. coli on contact. Thieves Oil has been proven to kill 99.96 of unhealthy microbes. Obviously, the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and Donald Rumsfeld don't want people to have this information. The oils should be stored in glass vials/bottle and stored in a cool, dark place. Don't leave bottles open: the lighter, volatile molecules evaporate quickly, leaving the heavier molecules in the bottle. The evaporation changes the chemistry of the oil, making it less beneficial. I have been using Thieves Oil for almost eight years now. The formula that wo

Healing rituals

I come to you, oh Blogosphere, with a question: When supporting medical care for chronic conditions with energy work, magic, etc., what sort of guided imagery do you use? I'm looking at starting some guided imagery to help someone with a chronic condition, and am wondering what sorts of imagery are effective, both for the practitioner (to get in the right headspace) and to tell to the recipient. Anyone have any resources/books/advice?