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A friend asked me to do a divination for him. It's been ages since I pulled out the runes or shuffled a deck, so I was a little rusty. I managed what I think was an adequate reading. I rarely do divinations. It's not that I have an objection to them, it's simply that I don't really find I get a lot of benefit out of them. As I was doing this one, I was enjoying the various connections that were being made between disparate objects and their meanings, and trying to weave a coherent narrative out of the randomness provided by the runes/cards. The ability to conceive of a coherent narrative out of randomness is at the heart of sortilege. I am not sure it's about telling the future so much as trying to correlate the contents of your subconscious.. Certain symbols and meanings will stand out to you as significant, while others will not resonate in the moment, but will do so in another moment, or when next to another randomly chosen object.