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Yesterday being 9/9/9, I decided to do a bit of working with Yesod. I did the standard opening I've been taught, and called upon Gabriel to take me up and show me what I needed to make the desires of my heart become reality. Gabriel showed me the baseness, the elementary nature, and confusion which were the desires of my heart. I'd been all hyped on the luck aspects of the day. I wanted things to change, but wasn't willing to make changes. I was totally unwilling to risk in in order to improve. I was and am consumed with fear. I am disillusioned with my fellows and those I have trusted (I found out through an source I can't divulge that one I thought was sincere and have recommended has been false, either to me or the source. Either way, they've been false.) It was food for thought, and I kicked myself back to Malkuth. I can say unequivocally that it worked, and I'm happy it did. It showed me what I needed to see. It was as if Gabriel held up a big