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2nd Day of Christmas

I missed posting on the first day. Mea Culpa. My meditation yesterday was brief, but useful. The theme of "Behold! I make all things new!" resonated with me. I realized several things about myself, and the reasons why I was taking some actions that puzzled the folks around me. Today's Theme deals with practicality, the senses, and ambition. It's a good theme for me today. Got some practical things done, like insurance on my new car. Still have to do the meditation, though. And, Tomorrow's Theme I will be out of town over the weekend, so Friday I'll try to post the weekend's themes. Also, today is the Feast of St. John. A happy St. John's Day, everyone.

The 12 days of Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone. This year, I will be posting links to the 12 days of Christmas meditations, which I wrote up last year. Last year, I was able to only do a few of them, and wanted to lay them out without my thoughts and feelings on the issue. This year, I'll be posting a link to the next day's meditation, as well as my thoughts and feelings on the meditation for the current day. If you want to post your experiences here in the comments, or elsewhere, please do. It may not be very profound. It might be, though. Who can say? So, to kick things off, here's the meditation for the 26th. Once again, a Merry Christmas to all.