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I have conjured bacon!

Of a sort. Qualified Bacon Success .

A Description of Tex

Brother R.O asks: Very cool. Can you describe what the experience of TEX was like? For me, it was like the air got really dense and thick, like I was held tightly in the fist of God. For me, Tex was an endless vista, with fountains of water. It's hard to describe, but it looks sort of like those artist's renditions of alien worlds, with fountains that go from a mountain of icy slush into the air and form great clouds above. I got the impression of great distances, and cool, misty, water. The landscape was shades of grey, and hard to resolve any senses with it. I am a Scorpio, water sign, so that makes sense. Scorpios are sometimes said to be the icy water signs, a fixed surface with turmoil underneath. I think this is what was coming through in the vision. It was also an exercise in fear. I wasn't afraid, but the entity (TEX itself?) told me that I was filled with fear, and my fear kept me from moving forward. I would not be able to go further until I faced the


So, Tuesday, May 5th, in the evening, I went to Holy Sophia Lodge, expecting to take in a lecture on Enochian Magic. And I did. The Magister of our lodge talked about The Hieroglyphic Monad, and how it is the basis and relates to all of Dee's future work. It was all intensely interesting and historical and related the Trinary to the Quaternary and the Septenerary. Then he set up the altar, and began the skrying of TEX. And, he had no furniture. Well, I should say, he had no furniture when he started . He built the furniture astrally, as part of the invocation, from memory. He built the Sigilium Dei Ameth, then the Skrying table, then the Tablet of Nalvage, then the Elemental tablets and the Tablet of union. From memory. It was quite effective. I think I'm a bit to materialistic, and would like to have actual tables for the operations. However, this worked just fine, and was similar to my first skrying of TEX, with Lon Milo Duquette, 2 years ago. I'm not quite