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Knowledge and Conversation

One cannot achieve the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel by blindly following the procedures outlined in a book. ... While I certainly do not wish to downplay the importance of [The book fo Abremelin or Liber Samekh ], I must voice my belief that most successful invocations of the H.G.A. are executed by individuals who have not perfomred either of the above rituals. Indeed, I would go so far as to say most K of C'ers have never heard the word Hermeticism, nor would they consider themselves aspirants, initiates, or magicians. Why is the success rate so high among these "non-professional" mystics? Is the macrocosm prejudiced against those of us who study the spiritual road map before starting the trip? In a way, yes, but not because we are too rational or analytical, but because all too often we aren't romantic enough. ... It toes not take a scholar to fall desperately in love. To generate the heat necessary to separate the spirituous earth

California Ruling on Same Sex marriage

As a member of the clergy of the Apostolic Johannite Church, I am very happy to post this: It is with a healthy measure of relief and joy that the Apostolic Johannite Church applauds the decision of the California Supreme Court to overturn the ban on same-sex marriages. Throughout its history, the Apostolic Johannite Church has remained committed to the principles enshrined in both Canon Law and its Statement of Principles- making no distinction between heterosexual and homosexual marriages providing they represent sacramental vows of union. Further to this, the Apostolic Johannite Church likewise recognizes the need for and gives its support to civil ceremonies of marriage, recognizing the freedom of choice of all human beings to engage in a religious or secular life as they see fit, celebrating their lives through civil, social and religious tradition. It is our hope that other communities, religious denominations and governments will look upon the example given anew by Californi