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10-20-30 meme

I got tagged by my friend and donkey-wrangler Donald at In Puris Naturalibus . I'm supposed to tell you what I was doing ten, twenty and thirty years ago. For those who are mathematically challenged that would be 1997, 1987 and 1977, respectively. 1997 : According to my resume, I was an access programmer in Metairie, LA, just starting to get interested in Theology, hanging with a prophet, and totally not preparing for my father's immanent death. I had just started on the path to Engagement (November 13th) and was starting to sort out the chaos that was my post-collegiate life. I was a tender lad, all of 25, and just figuring out what the Law meant to me. Trying to be an adult. 1987 : I would have been 15, meeting my oldest friends (Debbie and Greg) at that time, and wondering what life had in store. I know I was into role-playing games, girls, and dodging football. I went out with Stephanie for a while, but at this point she would have dumped me, and I'd probably

Vatican to release Templar Docs

Translated Via Google from Spanish, so the English isn't quite right. I think you can get the gist. The letter is from the OSTMJ , the Sovereign and Military order of the Temple of Jerusalem. The Templar Mystery monopolizes attention before the judgment that will reveal the Vatican Thursday 4 of October of 2007 EFE ROME. - The mysteries that accompany at their service by the Temple and to their dissolution, after a judgment, whose content will reveal the Vatican next the 25 of October, monopolize the attention in Italy today where it has become reason for conference and publishing new features. The announcement that made yesterday the Vatican of the publication of an unpublished volume on the “Processus against templarios”, with acts of the process of the Inquisicion against this order, at the beginning of century XIV, has given back protagonism to the investigations on the Horsemen of the Temple. Next the 13 of October, when the seventh centenary of the process is marked