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Too Long, O Lord

Too Long, O Lord, has my heart been frozen Too Long Have I seen solid ground as a virtue. Do not kindle a flame in my heart Rather, blow away the frost In a cataclysm of burning water Bring my heart to life from an age of ice Even if that life be made of furs and a flint spear, seeking elusive mammoths Too long, O Lord, have I stagnated A miasma of forgotten dreams and wasted effort Bring springtime to the swampland of my life Let every living thing come forth, two by two slimy skin, brilliant plumage, glowing petals. Let the bayou disgorge it's contents not ashamed of the floatsam and jetsam of life lived lovingly Too long, O Lord, have I stood on the shore watching the waves erode where I stand My footprints and sand castles, designed with such loving care, erode under your constant motion Give me courage and a board that I may ride The waves of a lifetime, frozen only in my heart And when the hurricane comes, let me meet you in the maelstrom that comes f