New Year, New You

So, Charmed, I'm Sure has an experiment she wants us magical types to do.  I'm always up for an experiment.   And who doesn't like transformation?   Let's see what happens.  Deb says:
Get up, get up! Don't miss this moment. Create magics great and small, mundane and mystical. Find everything you've been looking for, mysteries revealed in every form of divination and song and when you fuck it up, when you are too tired to try, bring each other up from bloodied knees to get back up smiling. You are all made of stars and you have stardust in your veins. Do something about it.
RO talks about what he'd like to do.  Jason Miller does too.  These folks are both inspirations to me, so I'm going to give it a shot.

However, as a priest, my ideas of wealth and kingdom are slightly different than theirs.  I'm less concerned with my own life, except as how it impacts my ability to grow the Kingdom of God, and specifically my little tribal slice of it, the Apostolic Johannite Church.  So, my projects are generally focused around that.
  • Project 1: Grow the AJC community in the Pacific Northwest.
I'm helped in this project by the steady work and anchorage of Regina Coeli Parish in Victoria, BC, Canada, and the efforts of Father Stu+ and Monsignor Jordan+ who've blazed the trail in this area.  I'm helped by Levi Greenacres, who has designed my community logo.  I'm helped by parishioners and friends who are sympathetic to the work.  I'm helped by the loves in my life and the family who aid me and keep me sane.  I am helped by our brothers and sister in ecclesia at Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church. I am helped by my patron in this locale, Our Lady of the Woods.  The amount of aid I receive is astonishing.

And here, I felt alone before I wrote that.  This experiment already bears fruit.

I think that, the powers of Venus are required to increase this aspect of my kingdom.  I need to grow the community, strengthen the bonds, increase the love.  
  • Project 2: Stabilize my situation
I am not happy with my living situation. I'm not happy with my savings or debt.  I'm not happy with my clutter.  All these things need to be cleared out or cleared up.

  • Project 3: Get healthy
I'm about 50 pounds overweight.  I don't like my appearance or the creaks that are starting to appear when I arise or retire.  I think I need to change that.

That's my two three big projects, and I think if I can make progress on those, it will be time well spent.


Pax said…
I wish you the best! Keep us informed how it is going.
Welcome to the experiment! Those are lovely goals :) I'm really interested to see how your goals progress as I was previously unfamiliar with The Apostolic Johannite Church.
Rufus Opus said…
wb to the blogosphere, priest. Glad you could join us. :D
Kurt said…
I hope I can be of assistance to you in the first project!

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