New Year, New You: Goals

In response to this prompt..

Inspiration: Cuts you Up ( You know the way it throws about/It takes you in and spits you out/It spits you out when you desire/to conquer it, to feel you're higher/To follow it you must be clean/with mistakes that you do mean/Move the heart, switch the pace/Look for what seems out of place ) You know, any task needs to be cut up, after all...
1. How are you going to accomplish these large goals in your daily life?
  1. Project 1: Grow the Church
    1. Find a place to hold services (I've contacted the UU Church in town)
    2. Hire help with the newsletter (I've contacted a freelancer)
    3. Identify places to advertise
    4. Make Plans for the Seattle Mission (which has been approved and is in the preliminary stages)
  2. Project 2: Stabilize my situation
    1. Looking for a new apt (showing tomorrow at noon)
    2. Save up security deposit ($200-$500 already saved)
    3. Let Landlord know so I have a goad to get out.
    4. Buy a futon (Currently I sleep on the floor, by choice.)
  3. Project 3: Get healthy
    1. Hesychasm Prostrations (making part of daily ritual VERY active)
    2. Personal Trainer
    3. Gym Membership (these two make no sense until Project 2 is further along)
2. What magical acts (rituals, spellwork, whatever it is you do) can you do to help you accomplish this goal?
  1. Project 1: Grow the Church
    1. Prayer to Sts. John to attract people
    2. Prayers and offerings to Our Lady of the Woods for local space and success
    3. Jupiter Gate (esp. offerings to Tzadkiel) for success.
  2. Project 2: Stabilization
    1. Prayers and Offerings to Our Lady of the Woods, as she's been my patron here in Portland
  3. Project 3: Get healthy
    1. Meditations on St. Raphael (Angel of Healing)
    2. Readings re: healing miracles
    3. Hesychasm prostations
3. Use your preferred method of divination to figure out both what you can do to make sure these goals will happen and also to figure out what road blocks keep you from this.

I am not a big fan of Divination, but I do know several methods.  Currently I'm supposed to be working with Geomancy (for a group I'm a member of), and as most of my concerns deal with the Earthly sphere, perhaps I'll give it a shot for each project.

4. Consult whatever inner or outer spirits you may work with as to what's blocking you from achieving your goals.

I shall.  Perhaps Wednesday, but possibly Sunday.


Good work! V. practical break down, especially w/r/t the Church. I look forward to seeing how it works out in the coming months!

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