Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 28, 2020

[Note, this is fiction.  Note the date.]

The sun has passed it's equilibrium point, and as the month of September winds to a close and the nights get longer, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the various things that have happened.

In May, we had a wonderful Conclave in Calgary, Alberta, hosted by our Patriarch Shaun McCann, and saw the ordination of Rev. Ms. Fisk to the Diaconate.  We also had the first official Friary Day on the Thursday before Conclave, doing initiations and workshops on the more esoteric wing of the AJC. Our theme of Johannite Identity was a great success, and Elaine Pagels drew an interested crowd with her lecture on the Gnostic Exegesis of the Johannite Gospel (updated).

The capital funding for Our Lady of the Woods chapel is coming along, although I feel I'm always fundraising. We've had the building for over a year, so now we're working on walking paths and meditation areas, changing gardens to be a little more food forest, a little less just wild woods.

In personal life, the kids are doing well. Bridget has nearly completed her vet tech program, she should be done by December. She just finished an open horse show, as did Paddy: they got a few ribbons but it's all a blur to me. Tommy is spending another year in Germany, learning all about the various European weapons from the manufacturers, but he promises he'll come back for Christmas. Seamus is doing his second year at the Art Institute of Portland. He is taking part in the 21st Watch Artists at Work festival in Portland, where he'll be demonstrating his use of chicken wire, paper mache, and spray paint to make easily movable but socially conscious street art.

I've just gotten back from taking the chickens to slaughter. I think I might cut back on the next batch, as raising 50 at a time is taking it's toll. The slaughter portion of the experience always wipes me out for a day, and I don't even do any of the work. I just come home with 50 delicious chickens, and an empty chicken yard. That's the hard part, not having any chickens to feed. At least, until I get the next batch.  Paddy says even though I feel like I want less at this time, I always seem to want more by the time it comes to buy chicks, and so I compromise.

Paddy and I are doing well. We just celebrated our 3/6 anniversary (6th year married, but 3rd since the wedding). We took a few days in August at the coast with Freyja, Freyr, and Sif. (One of these litters, Paddy is going to have to win the Rock-scisssors paper contests so she gets to name a dog).

I've written about the major changes already: the loss of friends, the birth of new family members, the joys and sorrows. Like most years, a lot has happened, in the world and in my life, and I look over it all with wonder and joy and sorrow, as appropriate.

My third book in the OSF series, Adeptus Major, is almost finished. I promise it'll be done before Christmas, although you may have to wait until next year to actually read it.

As we move into the winter months, I'm pleased to once again have gone around the sun. My 48th birthday is coming up, and mathematically that's always a fun number (being divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 48). I've finally gotten my weight under a bit of control, and not a moment too soon, as the knees were starting to register the extra 50 pounds. However, if the pain in my left knee keeps up, I may need to look at surgery to get it replaced. I'm hoping the yoga practice and stretching will help it out, but we'll see.

Still no flying cars, although I am planning on getting a Tesla this year. Of course, that's been the plan for 2 years running.

That's my recap. How are things in your world, this year of our Lord 2020?

[Writing Prompt: Ebb and flow. Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.]

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