Friday, June 26, 2009

Fire Wand & Golden Dawn

I have completed the construction of my fire wand, finally. I'll be consecrating it this weekend/next week, either on Sunday or Tuesday. Haven't decided which day is more auspicious, yet.

I'm about to start taking Golden Dawn degrees (about = sometime this year I get my 0=0). I've gotten on a GD forum, and they're perplexed that I've started with my weapons already. I'm simply working on them as the HGA directs. Edit: Had it explained to me by a member of the forum. These are supposed to be adept's (5=6) tools, so making them early is jumping the gun a bit. I'll simply have to make others/reconsecrate them when that time comes.

The Abremelin working is going well. I agree with Steven Guth that the working should take longer than not. The purification process is intensifying. I've moved from simple prayers morning and evening to an Invocation of the Archangels, Pater Noster, Heschayist practice, Pater Noster, Dismissal. I'm actually pretty good about doing it on the morning and evening schedule.

With the completion of the fire wand, I've seen some of my passions reignite, and become a bit more focused on my various goals. It's interesting to see it happen, and make note of it.


Rufus Opus said...

I've gotten on a GD forum, and they're perplexed that I've started with my weapons already.

That's because they don't think you should know how to make them until you've been properly intitiated. Also, making the weapons is part of the initiation process. You get your Elemental initiation, then you make the elemental weapon, and it's supposed to all be part of the degree. You're totally cheating!

Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

You know, if they didn't want me to make them, they shouldn'tave oughta published a book who's sole purpose is telling me how to make them.

I'm just sayin'.

Dean Wilson said...

Firstly, congrats on completing your Wand. Good to see that working on it has connected you to those energies.

On the topic of creating the Weapons before Adepthood, let me explain. It would be like performing Mass before you're a priest. Or donning a bishop's hat before you're a bishop. It's not exactly the same, of course, but they are Adept tools, so the idea is that you're supposed to be an Adept (actually, an Adeptus Minor... you could be an Adept in a generic sense or in another order, which is entirely irrelevant to the GD) before making and consecrating them. That makes up a large part of the Neophyte Adeptus Minor's work.

This is the traditional viewpoint. Some others, like Lyam Thomas Christopher, suggest making them in the Elemental Grades. I don't agree with his suggestion, but then I'm a bit of a traditionalist.

As for the book you're referring to, I'm assuming that's the Cicero one called Creating Making Tools. I'm fairly sure they wrote in that book that those tools were for the Adept and they disagreed with the idea of making them in the Outer Order, because you'll end up having to make a new set in the Inner Order anyway (different alchemical changes). Even Adepts need instructions for making those tools, however, so I think that's who they were aiming for in that regard.

However, all the above said, the choice is yours to make, and it's good to see you're dedication.


Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

Ok, I can see that re: adepts weapons.

That said, in my order I AM an adeptus minor, and the construction of the weapons is part of my movement to adeptus major. It didn't have to be GD weapons, but those are what spoke to me. I may have to construct new weapons for the 5=6 degree when/if I get there, or I may simply be able to reconsecrate these. We'll see.

Regarding the book, that makes sense.

Apotropaios said...

Are you doing the Abramelin working based on the Mathers translation or the new Dehn translation?

Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

The Guth/Dehn work.

Anonymous said...

"That said, in my order I AM an adeptus minor"

If you're an Adept in one order you're not an Adeptus Minor in the GD. They don't equate. Perhaps if you were an Adeptus Minor in one GD Order and then joined another GD Order, but in the end "Adeptus Minor" in terms of the GD is only applicable to the GD, just as much as Master Mason is only applicable to Freemasonry (or certain Rosicrucian orders).


Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

Yah, Dean, I get that. In my order, though, I should be making elemental weapons. I just used the patterns of the GD ones, because they're similar to what my mentor was teaching me anyway.

Anyway, as I said, I'll probably make new ones for 5=6.

csouza said...

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