Thursday, April 20, 2017

Poetry challenge, day 2

This time, I had my lovely wife Paddy pick 7 words, and I rhymed them and made this:

Sometimes we are called to do our duty,
Although it can be quite challenging.
Events may lead us to find some booty,
Or Good Fortune can leave us and take wing.
And as it is written in the Good Book
Thy skin's as fair as Tawny Antelope's.
African stories, comfortable nook,
Long bubble baths with soft silky soap,
The rain beats on window pane in rhythm,
The longing to travel no books can staunch.
Remembered airport announcement hymn,
Adventurous desire soon to launch.
Seeking new horizons I advocate,
The airplane is here, I'm at my gate.

The exercise has been wonderful. I'm enjoying the creative flow of being timed, forced, and restricted. I must admit though, that this one took longer, about 18 minutes. 1) I didn't have a rhyming dictionary, which I did for the first one. 2) I was interrupted by a cat demanding people time.

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