Friday, July 10, 2015

Rain Magic

Here in the west, it's quite dry. There are a lot of fires. The drought in California has been going on for some time, and even in rainy Oregon we've had unseasonably early dry weather and low snow pack. Most of Oregon's water needs are met by snow melt water, so having a low snow pack is not a good situation.

I am a magician. I have had great success with individual and group workings combined with real world efforts to change my circumstances. However, I am a skeptic, and always approach new workings with a healthy dose of 'can this work?'

Which brings us to Rain Magic.

Meterology is a relatively new science.  People have been making observations of the weather since before there was writing, and we know Aristotle wrote on it in 350 BC.  However, most of the work before the 18th century was done via observation. As the scientific era dawned, new measuring tools brought that observation into the realm of measurable and predictable science.

Certain things are quite easy to predict, and a lot of weather forecasting focuses on probability. If X and Y conditions exist, then the chance of phenomenon Z happening is so much.  That's why sometimes you'll see a high probability of rain, and end up with a dry sky. The fact that you can see the conditions yet not predict with certainty what will happen is an outcome of living on a rapidly rotating ball of mud, water, and gas.

Probability is where magic has its wheelhouse. Anything that has a chance can have the odds tipped with a magical working. The tip may not be much, but it may be enough to move it from 'won't happen' to 'happening right now'.  The more chaos in a system, and the more definite a desired outcome, the harder it is (see: winning the lottery). But a big, non-localized effect with a decent chance of happening can be tipped quite easily.

So, if the choice is 'might rain' vs. 'might not rain', why can't magic tip us into the 'raining' column?

Joseph Wolf, who is writing the wonderful Illuminated Circle series, has decided to take on the task, and is developing a meditation series culminating on Wednesday, July 15th in an appeal to the Angel Chavuyah, the Shem Ha Mephoresh angel of 5-10 degrees of Cancer.  Here's what he says about it:

She rules 5-10 degrees of Cancer ( cardinal water). When we start at 7 we will be in the hour Jupiter. Jupiter is said to be exalted in Cancer. The New Moon will just have been a few minutes before and also in Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother and support for manifesting life.

He'll be doing a ritual in his temple on Wednesday, July 15th at 7 pm to focus the energy and hopefully call for rain here in the far west. If you're interested in lending your energy to this endeavor, please send an email to, and we'll get the meditation material to you. You do not have to be local to the Portland area to take part, but you do have to be willing to undertake meditations from Sun-Tuesday, and have some time Wednesday evening at 7pm PDT to focus your energies into producing this effect.

Let's see if we can make it rain!

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