Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Change always comes with a cost. In our case, changing our residence comes with a disruption of the bills. The immediate needs came first, and now that the dust from the move is settling, some of the more recurring bills are coming to rest, as are some of the realities of owning your own home.

For instance, we're woefully unprepared to deal with certain things. There's more work than we can do all at once, we had no garbage cans, or service, there's no power to the Barn and that project will take some time to get off the ground.  All the payment schedules are wonky, and the checking account is overdrawn. We're spending a lot more in gas as we move all the members of the household hither and yon, as we've moved some distance from our former base of operations..

All of the above is temporary flotsam and jetsam in the wake of the move. It will all settle down, in a month or two. The move was worth it, the transformation in our lives is immense. We simply have to navigate through the process.

Gnosticism is all about transformation, and transformation comes with upheaval. The very act of being initiated, of having an epiphany, will stir up all sorts of unanticipated consequences. That realization should not deter the seeker from making the change, rather the seeker should prepare, and realize that the path is strewn with obstacles and impediments, some of which will rear their heads right when progress is being made.

The journey is worth it. The satisfaction and peace one receives once reaching that far shore far outweighs the effort in overcoming the obstacles. In my case, I sit on my deck, and watch the sun set, and my efforts at home ownership are worth it.  In the case of the gnostic path, I see others growing in awareness, and I see the results of my own growth, and I am able to say that my efforts have borne fruit. The journey has not been in vain, the destination has been worth the trip, the difficulties will pass.

Have you set sail on the journey? Are you struggling? Do you need a safe harbor, a bit of peace? Don't forget to watch the sun set off the bow, let that beauty into your life. It will sustain.

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