Thursday, June 18, 2015


The move being over, we're now trying to figure out what to do with the space. One thing we've started on is a cottage garden. You can see the path we've started off to the right. The brick is from a Mother's Day present we gave Paddy back in 2011, a bunch of free brick we got with the idea of doing some project with it. We've moved the brick three times: Once from it's original location, then when we moved up to the Farm in Sherwood, and now to the new house.

It's not getting moved again.

So, we're using it for a path. We've got just enough to make a good sized path. We've got it all laid out, and now we'll put some sand in, and level it, and then place it level. Or something.

So, the cottage garden is one thing Paddy is all about. Personally, I'm looking to make a few shrines. Several spirits and angels have helped us on our journey, and I think we're going to set up shrines to them. I have a few out of the way spots that I think will make nice locations.

One shrine will be quite simple, just an image and a space for offerings. The other will be move complex, something like this, but to an angel we work with quite a bit.  We'll probably do a Marian shrine at some point, as well.

The nice thing is, we have space to do it, and time to figure it out.

I love it.

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