Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 42: The end of this sequence

Yesterday was the last day of my חדל meditation sequence. I think it was a relative success, as I've remained sane and taken time out to rest, relax, fish, and do numerous other things.

It was also the day I signed the loan papers for our new house. I've been rather excited about all of this.

We were told by our landlord back in March that he wanted to move back in to his house, on May of this year. We asked him to hold off until June 15th, as we'd been house hunting, and needed 60 days to close.

Yesterday, we signed loan papers. The sellers sign papers today, and on Friday we will be the new owners of our home.

It's been quite a journey. We started with about $1000 in the bank, and through the blessings of The Most High and various other spiritual entities, the generosity of our friends, the hard work of Paddy and myself, and a couple of wonderful pieces of good fortune and magical finagling, we're at the end of that portion of the journey. Now, the next leg begins: Moving!

I'll be moving for the next several weeks, so posting will probably be light. Until then, I leave you with a set of pictures of our new home. They're several years old, but the house doesn't look that different. It won't until we get into it, and start putting our mark on it.


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