Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 37: Wow, take a day off

It's been 10 days since my last post. I've been keeping up with the meditation. We celebrated the Eucharist on Sunday in our new space, which was wonderful. Saw some new faces.

This move is kicking my butt. We sign papers on 5/22, and close 5/29. It can't happen fast enough. Our landlord is moving back into his house, so he's chomping at the bit to get back up there. It's causing stress and complications as he tries to move animals in before we've moved our animals out. Animals are always unpredictable: they have their own behaviors, diseases, and issues, and they rarely stay right where you put them. I just want to kick the dust from my feet and get to our own place.

When I'm already stressed, complications cause me more stress. So rest, relaxation, etc are difficult to come by. Work is gearing up for our next phase of the project, the phase that starts letting the whole company in. I'm gearing up to help support the whole system once the contractors start to gear down. It's a fun time at work, a fun time at home, and the stress is just... stressful.

So I've been letting the writing slide. And the meditation. And the meditation, at least, I should be keeping up. That will help the most in the days ahead.

I cannot wait to be through this hurdle.

I have many things I want to start working on: Woodworking. Permaculture. Growing things. Building things. Modifying our house so it's our house, not just a rented space we stay in. It reflects more of our personality, reinforces our ideals, values, etc. Soak in the hot tub. It will be a talisman to what we believe, I think. I hope.

That hurdle is coming. Eight More Days.

I think I'm also a little down, because my brothers and sisters are all meeting at the Apostolic Johannite Church Conclave in Harrisburg. I was supposed to leave on Tuesday. Then all this came up. I miss them all, hope they have the best time, and I will see them all again soon.

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