Monday, May 04, 2015

Day 20: Initiations, Rites, and dirt

This weekend was quite the whirlwind.

Friday we went and saw the Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was a treat for the family, and a lot of fun. I really recommend the movie if you're following the Marvel franchise.

Saturday was a wonderful day. Newberg Rugby went undefeated, and we're the only undefeated team in the Divisions, although we're apparently behind on points, because Union is leading the division with 10 wins/1 loss, while we have 7 wins. The parents put on a great feed for the kids and others. I played a lot of frisbee during the down times with Seamus. Fun stuff.

Then, we went to dinner with some friends, and they gave us $10,000 to help buy our house! We have the best friends ever. With this gift and all the previous amounts people have given us, we're within $4000 of our down payment amount. It's amazing and wonderful news, and we cannot express our gratitude enough to the folks who gave us that gift.

Sunday was a magical day. I did a Friary initiation, then the initiate and a small group did the Juno Working from Jason Miller's Strategic Sorcery Course. Then Lunch at the Portland food carts, manual labor unloading dirt a yard of dirt with Kurt and Dan, then back home for short ribs, baked beans, and Settlers of Catan with the kids. Tommy won, quietly building his empire while the rest of us were all squabbling about this and that.

Quite a busy weekend. Lots of wonderful, life affirming things: Affirmations of generosity, of prosperity, of community, of helping each other with no or little desire for compensation. Lots of family, both chosen, biological, and spiritual.

Life is good.


So, today marks the Full Moon in Scorpio. That explains a lot:

Scorpio is about shared values and resources, sexual intimacy, and emotional depth. While Venus-ruled Taurus likes everything beautiful, the Mars and Pluto ruled Scorpio is not afraid to delve into the darkness. Scorpio is a complex, mysterious, and intense sign. Through this intensity it has tremendous power to facilitate powerful transformations. Metaphorically speaking, Scorpio likes to “take out the trash,” especially when there is a Full Moon in this sign. 
So, shared values and resources, check. Sexual intimacy, check (didn't talk about that, but trust me). Emotional Depth (rites, love, etc) check. Full Moon in Scorpio is a go!

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