Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The importance of regular practice

Lent is over.

I made the commitment to write every day for Lent. I mostly lived up to it, missed a few days, but tried to make up for it.

Now, that commitment is fulfilled. And so...

I found I've quit writing.

They say 30 days is all it takes to make a new habit, but for some reason, writing never becomes a habit for me. I never 'miss' writing, the way I'd miss some of my other habits, like bathing.

The same is true of spiritual habits. I'll make my commitment for a period of time (Lent, Advent, novenas) and then afterwards, I just... slack off.

I don't know how to overcome this. It seems to be a recurring issue. I'm just bad at doing many things the same way every day. Believe it or not, I sometimes forget to drink coffee in the morning. Then i get a headache and am tired and wonder "Why am I achy and tired?"

So, I'm going to pick a time period, and write some more, and do some spiritual exercises. Maybe I'll start on Tax Day.

SPEAKING OF TAX DAY:  Tomorrow, my book The Hall of Nanael is on sale for only $0.99. And please take a look at the Illuminated Circle books, so you can summon angels and have your own experiences.

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