Monday, April 06, 2015

How to increase the senses

Last time, we talked about the necessity about developing and increasing the spiritual senses. The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary tells us why:

With, however, the development of the new organ we have a new perception, a sense of new reality. Without it the spiritual world cannot exist for us, because the organ rendering it objective to us is not developed.
And Later:

The great and true work of building the Temple consists solely in destroying the
miserable Adamic hut and in erecting a divine temple; this means, in other words,
to develop in us the interior sensorium, or the organ to receive God. After this
process, the metaphysical and incorruptible principle rules over the terrestrial, and
man begins to live, not any longer in the principle of self-love, but in the Spirit and
in the Truth, of which he is the Temple.

So, the development of this interior sensorium is of utmost importance. The question becomes, how do we increase those spiritual senses?

This community possesses a school, in which all who thirst for knowledge are instructed by the Spirit of Wisdom itself; and all the mysteries of God and of nature are preserved in this school for the children of light.... Perfect knowledge of God, of nature, and of humanity are the objects of instruction in this school. It is from her that all truths penetrate into the world, she is the School of the Prophets, and of all who search for wisdom, and it is in this community alone that truth and the explanation of all mystery is to be found. It is the most hidden of communities yet possesses members from many circles; of such is this school. From all time there has been an exterior school based on the interior one, of which it is but the outer expression. From all time, therefore, there has been a hidden assembly, a society of the Elect, of those who sought for and had capacity for light, and this interior society was called the interior Sanctuary or Church. All that the external Church possesses in symbol ceremony or rite is the letter expressive outwardly of the spirit of truth residing in the interior Sanctuary.
There is an interior school, an interior set of teachers, instructed by the Spirit of Wisdom it (or her?) self. So, contact with Sophia is a huge component of being able to develop the interior senses. How does Wisdom instruct us with our 'blind' senses?

Faithful to the spirit of truth, which promised never to abandon its community, the members of the interior Church lived in silence, but in real activity, and united the science of the temple of the ancient alliance with the spirit of the great savior of man- the spirit of the interior alliance, waiting humbly the great moment when the Lord will call them, and will assemble his community in order to give every dead letter external force and life.

This interior community of light is the reunion of all those capable of receiving light as Elect, and it is known as the Communion of Saints. The primitive receptacle for all strength and truth, confided to it from all time- it alone, says St. Paul, is in the possession of the science of the Saints.

So, this is the first part of the how question, probably more properly who? Who can we turn to? The spirit of Wisdom, revealed to us by the members of the interior church, those who give 'every dead letter' force and life, the Communion of the Saints, guided by Sophia.

But the how question still lingers. How are the senses unfolded? Next time...

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