Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 2: Trying to Meditate on rest is difficult

This morning, I meditated on rest. Or tried to.

I had some issues, because I have a number of things to do, and my meditation revolved around the various tasks I need to accomplish, while trying to think of when I would have time to relax a little.

My life has a lot of moving parts: Esoteric work, Secular work, Religious work, family, buying a house, having to move.  We just got our notice from the landlord that our last day is 6/15/2015 in the farm we're in. We're not quite ready to buy the house, we still need to raise money for the down payment.  We're getting closer, but a bit farther away than we feel comfortable. Secular work has a large project working, and so my work environment is in flux and has a lot of excitement and tension.

All of this occupies my mind as I try to meditate.

But the goal of meditation is not a blank mind. It's to recognize the distractions and pull yourself back towards your meditation. I was able to do that for 10 minutes, time and again.  It was a struggle, because I'm out of practice. The struggle, though, builds the mental meditation muscle.

Not as fun as one would like, but working through it.

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