Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Writing when you don't want to write.

So, part of my Lenten practice this year is to write every weekday. I was going to write Saturdays as well, but I've noticed that I'd rather play Settlers of Catan with my family, so I've modified it to every weekday.

I missed two weekdays last week, because I was writing, but not on the blog. I decided what I wrote on those days (A book, and a journal) count.

Writing when you don't want to write is difficult. Today, I simply have nothing I want to say, yet I have an obligation to write. Is it better to remain silent, or to fill the ether with chatter, musing about my inability to write. I know a lot of writers do exactly that, so it's nothing new.

It's an odd feeling, to have a lot of things going on (house, book, family, farm, work) and have nothing to say about it. Perhaps it relates back to my love of and more or less complete failure to enact stoicism. Maybe I'm just too private.

It's spring, and the daffodils are in bloom. Everything is turning green. The goats are  eating like crazy, and getting ready to kid; the grass is getting green and growing under the cool rains we sometimes get at night. The days, against all expectation, have been sunny and beautiful, the nights clear and cool.

The Library is a wonderful thing. As I was writing about the Settlers of Catan, I put in an amazon link, and came across a novel for the game. Interesting! I thought about buying it, and then realized a) I wasn't that interested, and b) I'm trying to save money for our downpayment, so buying something frivolous is out of the question. But I checked the library, and they had it!  So, it's on it's way.

The Library also has the game. I wonder how that works. With all the little fiddly pieces, I'm sure they get lost quite a bit.

So, not a lot of theme today. I don't have a set of articles planned out for a while, so I'll throw it open. Is there anything you'd like to see me write about? Any questions you'd want to ask? Lovecraft? Games? Gnosticism? Magic?

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