Thursday, March 05, 2015

What gives me the right?

Last post, I talked about warding the house, claiming a space, and ordering and offering spirits. Many folks of an egalitarian orientation ask 'what gives you the right?'

Quite simply, I claim the divine right of kings.

I was baptized a Christian as a baby. As such, I have a part and an inheritance in the Heavenly realm of the Father, in which there are many mansions.

As an adopted member of the family, I am granted the rights of a prince, a child of my Father. Naturally, I can't overrule a direct order of the King, nor even distract a servant of my Father's when on a direct errand. That said, a great number of other beings are subject to my will, as long as my will does not counteract my Fathers. As the prayer says, 'Thy will be done.'

So I can summon an angel, and ask it to help. In my cosmology, angels are the servants and messengers of the Most High, and if they're not doing anything else, they can give me a hand, as long as what I want is in alignment with the Will of the Most High. Getting into that alignment is a major component of my prayer and purification efforts.

I can also summon a 'demon' or an sub-lunar spirit, and tell it what to do. It is a vassal of the Most High, although it might be a reluctant one, or even a rebellious one. Or it might be overly obsequious, looking to gain the favor of a child of the Most High. Or gain power over one. I generally don't summon them directly, rather let the angels decide how best to accomplish whatever it is I'm looking for.

This world view is very interesting when I come into contact with egalitarians. While I can respect their points of view, I strongly resist and object to the idea that all creatures are created equal. In the Christian world view, we are given dominion over the whole of creation. That means two things: we rule, and we have to be caretakers. So many people remember the first part, and not the second.

Human beings are of a different order than the rest of creation. The spirits are creatures, but they are not incarnated, they are not of this material order. As such they are both above and limited when interacting here. They have trouble with the 'now', as they are unable to see things in a linear temporal fashion, they see what is, what was, what will be as a continuum (some more than others).  Animals are similar to us in many ways, but they don't have agency. They can't determine their future, their past is remembered, but without any meaning given to it. Primarily, their present matters (some more than others).

Both orders of creation deserve our respect and our care, and both orders are subject to us, for us to use in conformance with the will of the Most High. Why? Because of our birth, our rank, and our ability to walk between the worlds: our ability to be in the now, the past, and the future, and move between them. We can order them around, true, but any servant must be cared for, have its needs met. Any rulership is service, and anyone who tells you different descends into tyranny.

Our current problem as a species is that we are getting outside of that Will. I don't mean anything as simplistic as getting outside of biblical law. I mean we are not taking care of our dominion. Many a prince has been toppled for less. It is my intuition that a correction from the Divine is coming, and we'd better set things to rights before that correction becomes a certainty.

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Jason Thu said...

I like the ideas herein, for I hold very similar thoughts myself. I've become to have a more hierarchical cosmology than before - and one of my musings is that perhaps there is no "fall" (i.e., in regard to fallen angels and demons); perhaps every being is just created as they are in the hierarchy.

This would be a bit controversial with egalitarian view point - as this perspective is directly corresponding to a feudal ideology, such that princes are princes, peasants are peasants - there is no upward or downward due to merit; they're as they are.

I have that kind of musings because when I think about the celestial beings - they're beyond linear time and space. I'm not even sure if they have time. If there is no time, there is no before and after; and if there is no before and after, there is no "fall" as "fall" signifies something happens and "fall" is an aftermath of that incident.

Yet, simultaneously, we as human beings feel and experience time. We have descending into matter and returning to Pleroma. So we are not as we are - we can be as we become. And this is an enigma that I haven't come to a resolution. Perhaps our essences are as they are created, and the experience of time and change mere just as an expression and manifestation.

I am perplexed with my own arguments. :D