Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Warding the house

I've lived in 23 locations since I was born.  (Illuminati Fans, take note!)

I've owned two. I've had non-relative roommates for eleven. Thirteen have been with significant others (wives, girlfriends). I've never really felt at home anywhere. I think that's the Gnostic's curse, a bit of wanderlust in this material world in which our soul is trapped.

I started doing wardings for the house in 1999. I started simply: Just having a mirror on the door. At first it was just a mirror but at one point I did get an actual
Feng Shui Bagua Mirror (pictured right).

I started warding because I moved into a house built during WWII, and it was heavy with memories and echoes and various other things. While I was recuperating from a surgery, I had lots of images of disabled and elderly people all wandering around the place. When I got better, we bought the mirror for the door.

Now, I ward as a matter of course. It's usually a spiritual demarkation of "This is my space, and the space for my family. When we're done, you can have it back, but until then I claim this."

As time has gone on, my vision of the spiritual world has changed, and I've become more accommodating to the spirits that reside there. I have more respect for the land and space. I'm not doing LBRP every day to clean the space, but rather once in a while to make sure my interior astral space is cleaned. I'm doing the IAO offerings of light recommended by Jason Miller, and my life has improved immeasurably since I've started giving back a bit.

However, I've got one child who's very sensitive to the little folk and various other mischief makers: they make scary visages and threatening sounds. Several times, I've had to warn the fair folk that this one is not to be bothered, and I've done so with the cross in one hand and the sword in the other. I've also let the child know the spirits cannot harm him physically, only scare him or make him uncomfortable.  I've also let them know that they can partake of the offerings, if they leave that one alone.

They seem to have gotten the message, but the seasonal markers (solstices, equinoxes) seem to be difficult for him.

In any case, the wards are set, and the spirits have conditional access, conditional on their good behavior. Good behavior as defined by me.

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