Monday, March 02, 2015


I completely missed posting on Saturday. We were at an all day Rugby tournament, then we did some metal work, then farm work, we had a goat with a broken leg that we had to put down, then...
Not from this weekend, but you get the idea.

The day got away from me.

Living where we do, it's rather difficult to keep connected via internet. Our main method of connection requires a radio tower. Which works fine, as long as the wind isn't blowing. The winds get up to 80 MPH, so that's an issue.

So, we do a lot that isn't on the internet. We have been melting metal again (Pewter mostly, but a bit of copper and aluminum). We've been upgrading the farm equipment (need new locations for birds, clean cages for rabbits).  Moving goats to different pastures. Going to rugby tournaments (we have one in Bend this year. Can't wait to go to that one!).

So, real life engagement is a much higher proportion of my day. That's unique for me. I used to live on the internet, engaging in every discussion about magic, gnosticism, and occult topics.

Now, I live. The internet helps me live, keeps me in touch with friends. But it's no longer a central part of that life. Or so I like to think. I wonder, sometimes, if I'm deluding myself.

I mean, when I have a question, it's the first place I turn. How do I grow lettuce hydroponically? How do I build a hoop house? What's it mean when my dog is doing a weird wheezing sound (reverse sneezing, allergies). Where's the rugby game? When's the rugby game? What temperature do I need to melt aluminum (1221°F, 660°C)?

I try to use it as an information source, not a social source. It seems to be working. Here's hoping.

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