Friday, March 13, 2015

Publishing Announcement!

So, no posts for two days. Traffic really falls off if there's no post: From a peak of 133 to down to around 40. Data is fascinating.

I haven't posted for two days, but I HAVE been writing.

In fact, I wrote a book.  And published another.

The book I published is The Illuminated Circle Volume 3: Angels of Libra. It's the third book in the Illuminated Circle series, which includes Volume 1: Leo and Volume 2: Virgo. and one of the most interesting in my opinion. It contains a group ritual for summoning the Shem haMephoresh angels. I've taken part in this ritual many times (in varying formats over the years).

The reason I find these books so fascinating, and the work so valuable, is because my own experiences using the material are so clear. To give an example, I've decided to share one of my own experiences in book form.

That book is in the process of wending it's way through the labyrinthine Amazon approval process*.  Check back here for links when it's finished. It'll be available in both kindle and print. The Illuminated Circle is currently only in Kindle format, but a print version will be coming soon, probably right after Volume 4.  The print version will contain all the Volumes, plus more material currently not in the kindle version.

This is some of the most effective magical technology I've seen, and the Shem haMephoresh angels are an amazing goldmine that have not been explored in depth. Happy summoning!

UPDATE: The kindle version of my book, The Hall of Nanael, is now available for purchase!

*I'm kidding. The Amazon process is pretty straightforward, it just wasn't accomplished by the date of this post.

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