Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Esotericism and my day job

Yesterday, I posted on my facebook:

I have encountered an error I cannot comprehend. Sounds like it's time to go home.
I have two sets of friends: Technical, and esoteric. The technical folks assumed it was a computer error, and sympathized. The esotericists thought I was making a profound gnostic comment on the nature of reality, tongue in cheek of course.

I'm continually struck how much my interest in esotericism is overlapped by my interest in technology. Both groups are often researching obscure areas and sources of knowledge, for bits of information the vast majority of humanity does not care about, in order to produce a result that may or may not be observable by anyone else.

We work with immaterial objects to produce subtle effects that create huge differences to those who can see them, but the vast majority of folks it looks like 'luck' or 'easy' or 'why didn't I think of that?'

And then, when people want something, they think it's easy to just 'whip up a solution', not realizing the research and obscure bits of knowledge needed to make the effect they want happen. I can no more call up an Aztec god of the dead than I can write you a user interface in Java, without a great deal of preparation.

It helps that I tend to work with obscure systems in what are already obscure fields. I work with Judeo-Christian Shem ha-Mephoresh in my esoteric work, and a large ERP system in my day job. This makes for a narrow, but usually very interested, audience.  Also, I don't get to go over a lot of ground that everyone goes over. I'm out there on the cutting edge of esoteric technology.

Granted, I'm not using binary lambda calculus or the Rohonc Codex, but it's not common either.

In any case, my studies are wide and varied.

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Soror A.M.Y said...

I know a bit about what you mean. I see random acts and statements in my daily life, and see implications on many levels. Many forces, and factors, must occur for a given result, and the laws of the universe followed. Then Cause and Effect comes into play. Perhaps I overthink things.

Medicine is like this too. They call it an Art and Science for good reason. There is research, and evidence, but also an element of the unknown. Of Spirit. Some people live that are not expected to, others that have factors in their favor, die. Most people also think it is the doctor that magically saves their life. Obviously the doctor has a central role, but the caregivers that spend 24 hours a day with the person, observing the sometimes subtle changes in condition, have a huge and indispensable role although they are much more behind the scenes than doctors.