Friday, March 06, 2015

Doing vs. Living

I've been having a discussion online about the Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel, by whatever method (Bornless ritual, Abremelin, etc).

I did the Abremelin ritual some time ago. It's an 18 month working, where you pray morning and night, trying to become purified enough to summon the angel and join with them, to have a spiritual ally and assistant, to realize your place in the hierarchy of the spiritual world.

One of the main outcomes of this working, was that I am not doing magic anymore. I'm living it.

Absolutely everything seems to happen in a spiritual framework as well as a material one. When I eat, or sleep, or build something, it has effects and ramifications beyond the simple act, into spiritual world and back to the material. And I'm cognizant of some of those ramifications. Not all of them, but many.

My spiritual work seems both more effective and more ... informal. Meditation happens at different times, and ritual doesn't take as long. Visualizations are easier.

It's hard to explain. The daily stuff of life all seems to happen in this continuum of meaning and unseen cause. It makes it easier to deal with human foibles. I still get angry, I still am self centered quite a bit, but it lessens as I reach out my spirit and touch the spirits of those around me.

The other day, I lost my temper at my oldest son, because he wasn't doing what I thought I told him to do. But between yelling at him, and taking out the garbage, I realized I hadn't told him to do it. So I came back in and apologized. I had no trouble admitting I was wrong, simply remembering that what I thought I'd said wasn't actually what I had said. Luckily, he's a good man and simply accepted my apology, saying "Yeah, I didn't think you'd told me to do that."

I think any form of consistent spiritual work is beneficial, in ways you may not even realize until long after it is accomplished. I really recommend it.

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