Monday, February 16, 2015

The Point

Almost every esoteric practice I've looked at starts with or mentions the Point. Geometry, Golden Dawn, Freemasonry, Friary. The point is very important, central, the source and the destination; one must get to the point.

So, I'm thinking about the point of this blog. I originally started it as a way to start chronicling my journey's through gnosticism, then freemasonry, magical work, etc. I started it 10 years ago, in August of 2005.

A lot has changed since then. A lot hasn't.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Lent is upon us, and during Lent I try to chose a spiritual practice to explore. I think this year, I'll explore blogging again. That's the point, to write. I make no guarantees my writing will be profound, or thematic, but I will put up a post for the lenten days (40 days, 40 posts. Sundays are optional).

There is a blogger I read who writes at least 3 posts every day. Some of these posts come from comments, some of it is news of the day that he's interested in. He's opinionated and controversial. It's interesting to read him, especially when I don't agree.

I'm not especially controversial, but I am opinionated. I am also interested in many, many things. Just yesterday I was engaged in woodworking, home repair, and working with pewter. I have children now, which is an endless source of fascination. I've gotten back into role playing games to play with my sons. I'm working with animals as well. My personal life is wonderful, amazing, and tragic by turns.

I have a lot to write about.

In the past, I haven't written about my opinions, my hobbies, my family, because I don't necessarily believe in sharing too much. I come from good stoic German stock, where you relied on yourself and kept your joys and your setbacks close to the chest. I've regarded other people with fascination and simultaneously wanted to be close and hold people at arm's length. I've been afraid of being open because vulnerability is weakness, and the world is full of people who won't just understand, nor shut up about the fact that they don't understand, and that you're bad for your opinions, your loves, your  hobbies, or whatever.

In ten years, I've learned I can risk the disapprobation of the detractors, for the approbation of those I can encounter who will meet me in the circle, on the level, in the pew, or on the barstool: We'll sit, have a drink, share a handshake, intone a chant, kneel in prayer. And those who will not share in that; it's their loss.

That, shall be the point.

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Jason Thu said...

"I come from good stoic German stock" ... :D Stoicism is good for your brain.