Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My love of Haiku

Haiku by a Robot:
Seven Hundred Ten
Seven Hundred Eleven
Seven Hundred Twelve - Nathan Beifuss (aspiring Robot)

I love poetry, but I especially love the Haiku.

It's a very simple poetical form, very modern, and ideally suited to our modern sensabilities. The link above explains the format (5-7-5 syllables per line, three lines) and the history, as well as the major formal parts (cutting, seasonality) and how best to work it in English.

It's a bite sized, twitter friendly, internet made format. Short, pithy, yet able to be quite deep and quite expressive. I tend to turn them humorous, but sometimes the humor becomes deep.

It's also fun for kids. It involves counting, as the above haiku demonstrates. It also forces you to make word choices that can have interesting effects on sentence structure, especially in English.

To finish off my Haiku post, I thought I'd post some that I've written recently:

Went to bed early
Three A.M. and I'm awake
Coyotes singing

I guess I only have one. I'll have to write some more.

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