Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Planetary Spheres

Frater Rufus Opus is releasing a book of his rituals on the planetary spheres.  I have used some of this material in the past, and really enjoyed it.

RO uses it to better his material situation, to get to know the angels of the spheres and basically make his life better. That's a fine usage for the material, and one which I engage in also, but I have a different take.

I do follow a Gnostic path, and April DeConick's short article about the Sethian Gnostic Ascent made an impression on me. I've worked all the planetary spheres, and I think that from a Gnostic point of view, it's possible to use this or similar material to overcome the Archons.

My theory is that by having a relationship with the archons, when it comes time for the soul to exit the mortal plane, one can pass through the gates, because you've already done it. From there, exit from the material plane may be possible, and a return to the celestial heavens or the pleroma or the all be accomplished.

I guess we shall see. I'm in no hurry to exit the mortal plane, so there may be quite a wait until I can be sure if this is the correct exit path.

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