Wednesday, April 03, 2013


It's no secret that I like to read. When I take a break from the occult and deep scriptural texts, I like to read a lots of weird fiction. I'd like to recommend some books I've recently read in the fiction category.

  • A Throne of Bones: The Pontiff is dead, a new one needs to be chosen, and a great deal of disruption comes to the empire of Amorr.  This is a great epic fantasy book, and I recommend it highly.
  • The Wardog's Coin: Set in the same world as A Throne of Bones, these two short stories cover the world of a mercenary, and the effects of calling a whole race 'demonspawn'.
  • Tiger by the Tail: This is the sixth book in the Paladin of Shadows series, and it was a wonderful continuation of the series. Mike Harmon is a former SEAL who's lucked into a feudal arrangement with a set of military geniuses. It's a fun read. The first book in the series is Ghost.
  • Terms of Enlistment: The future is grim. The North American Confederation has built huge public residential centers, and the only way to escape them is to enlist in the NAC's military. Earth is polluted, but there's a chance if you can afford to escape on an offworld colony. Andrew Grayson just enlisted, and he's in for the ride of a lifetime.
  • The Flux Engine: John Porter has a crystal from his mom. It's apparently a lot more important than he realizes. In an Old West where Ben Franklin is responsible for destroying the East Coast and the Ice Age hasn't ended, John comes of age while encountering a thief, an assassin, and Wild Bill Hikock.
  • Microsoft Convergence 2012: A Space Odyssey (Adventures in Accounting): This was a promotional piece for Microsoft's accounting software known as Dynamics GP. Apparently, you can conquer a galaxy with substandard accounting procedures.  Who knew?
I have a more meaningful Easter post int he works, but it's taking some time to percolate. Stay tuned!

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