Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spirits of Place II

So, a quick follow up on my Spirits of Place post. I said I did an invitation to the spirits of each element and I had a spirit for each introduce themselves.

I want to elaborate on the Earth spirit I encountered. I'm using runes to find names, and so I draw runes, and when I get two consonants together, I try vowels until I get one. The name for the water spirit was particularly lengthy, but the Earth spirit's name was a single letter. A vowel.

So, I greet the spirit, make an offering, and get a visual. The spirit is a blue feathered ox or bull, with a big smile. It's very jovial, and is glad to be talked to. It would appreciate more varieties of plants around the property, as the property has plenty of hazelnuts and juniper, and it would like to see some other things. It approved of the plants we'd already brought in: geraniums, and a spider plant.

I don't usually share a lot of my meditation images with other folks, but this time I felt moved to tell Paddy about it, as the ox had been so clear. She thought it was interesting as well, a blue feathered ox.

Ok, so I go about my day, which consists of moving EVERYTHING that we haven't moved from the old house into the new one. This is all the stuff we've just not gotten to: Stuff in the back of closets. Stuff in the storage areas. That kind of thing.

After an exhausting day, we're going through some items from the closet in our bedroom, and I come across a yak wool tapestry that I'd never seen before. It's one of Paddy's items, given to her by a friend from Nepal. She'd put it up before I even moved in, as there had been two of them, and one had been ruined.

So I unwrapped it, and there staring at me was a blue ox. It had been woven into the tapestry with white, and the face of it was exactly as I'd seen in the vision.

In the morning, I encounter a spirit, and in the evening a representation of that spirit is found among our things. It may be a coincidence, but I'd never seen that tapestry before. Stuff like this sends chills down my spine.

[Coming: A picture of the tapestry, when we find the camera]

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